Every project begins with an in-depth consultation with you, the client. We listen to your needs ensuring that all elements are considered, and we develop a scope of work that accurately and clearly defines expectations and functionality.

If applicable, we also take great care during our planning to work around heritage-listed status. With meticulous planning and documented execution, we ensure that the project goals can be met the first time, every time.


Our extensive knowledge of electronic systems and energy systems allows us to select products based on proven results. Limitations or potential issues are addressed at this stage to avoid wasting resources later on. Our design process focuses on creating a solution that delivers on project scope and long-lasting and reliable performance.

We create detailed system specifications, plans, drawings, schematics, programming, and pricing. Every aspect of the technology and electrical components are referenced. Our documentation allows for a highly organized, efficient integration and commissioning of every sub-system.


Our team of professional and accredited technicians and installers understand the building process inside and out. We work alongside your builder to ensure all smart systems, wiring, and components are installed correctly during the construction process.

Our comprehensive planning and documentation include working diagrams with every cable and piece of hardware to be installed. This enables the construction and installation process to go smoothly, achieving an efficient and successful result.


We provide you with a single contact responsible for the complete operation of your project. This project manager ensures that your project is delivered on time and within budget. They will also be available to answer any queries that you have during the entire process. Early engagement of our services early in your project's planning phase allows us to anticipate potential challenges and obstacles.


TOAD builds each system with all of the quality and craftsmanship you would expect from a firm with over 20 years of experience and leadership in the technology integration industry. As with any built environment, proper maintenance and timely service are of great importance to each component. Our Maintenance Programs are essential to protecting and properly maintaining your system.